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I Centro de Arte Fotográfico (CAF), (México DF, México, 2013) Painting course on photography with the great Mexican artist Aidé Maya and the reconize Mexican photographer Saúl Serrano.


I (UAL) Central Saint Martins College of Art, (London, UK, 2013) Painting and Drawing at Central St. Martins with the  contemporary artist/painter Guy Noble from London.


I Centro Florida, (Barcelona, Sp, 2007-2010)

Painting with Acrylic course with ther artist/muralist born in Chile and rised in Venezuela Pablo Kalaka. 


I Centre de Pintura Tres Torres, (Barcelona, Sp, 2004-2005)

Painting course with ther sculpturist/artist born in Barcelona LauraArt .



Exhibitions & Festivals






2017 - Galeria Moraima (Barcelona, Spain, 03-01;27-01) Haiku

2015 - Moraima (Galeria Bar), (Barcelona, Spain, 28-11; 16-12) 

En femenino 


2014 - Centro de Arte Fotográfico (CAF), (México DF, México)

Nueva Catrina 


2013 -Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London) (London, UK)




Sara Planas

Sara Planas is an artist and graphic designer born in Barcelona. As a matter of fact, it was a painting of Paseo de Gracia - the main shopping street in Barcelona- by the Catalan painter Antoni Vives Fierro, that inspired her to let her imagination run wild through painitng. 


“I have always found that urban landscapes get enriched through the eyes of an artist, whereas natural beauty, in my opinion, is unsurpassable. That´s why I especially like painting urban landscapes, objects and more primitivist, somewhat abstract images.”


Sara currently lives and works in her native city, but her more recent works are mainly inspired by her trips to London, Paris and Mexico.


In her works Sara uses oils, acrylics and watercolours, daring to incorporate all forms of materials that bring her work to life. The result of this spontaneous combination are works of various textures that form a collage of shapes and colours. These last two elements Sara especially admires from the Impressionists whose spirit captures reality from a unique and personal point of view. 


Colour and innocence are reoccuring themes and a disticntive element of her creations, nevertheless, she significantly varys the subject of her works. Sara unites fantasy and reality to transport the viewer to her own powerful, colourful and beautiful universe.





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